Posted April 23, 2015

Ontario Budget 2015: Second retail store, better delivery and beer tax

Toronto, ON – Ontario’s 2015 provincial budget released today highlighted new reforms for Ontario’s craft brewers in addition to those announced last week.

Small brewers (under 25,000 hectolitres of annual production) can operate a second on-site store if they have more than one production site.

Small beer manufacturers with a licensed production facility in Ontario and with annual worldwide beer production of less than 150,000 hectolitres to arrange for pooled delivery of their products from their Ontario production facilities to the LCBO and licensed establishments (i.e., bars and restaurants) and to use third-party carriers and warehousing.

A new $0.03 per litre beer charge will be introduced in November 2015. The new charge will increase by $0.03  per litre every year until 2018, or approximately 25 cents per 24-pack annually, on average.

For further details and information, read Recommendations for Beer Retailing and Distribution in the Ontario Budget 2015.

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