Posted April 21, 2013

Ontario Craft Brewers promote Earth Day with green initiatives

beer-recycleWith Earth Day approaching – Monday, April 22 – the Ontario Craft Brewers are promoting sustainability led by breweries such as Beau’s , Black Oak, F&M, Lake of Bays, Mill Street, Steam Whistle and Trafalgar.

Steam Whistle is among Canada’s Greenest Employers and Clean 50 Capitalist and has been lauded by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, the Clean Air Partnership, and The Green Living Organization. The brewery reuses their custom bottles up to 45 times, employs steam-heated and water-cooled facilities, and dispatch Clean Air Biofuel trucks.

Mill Street now uses North American malt in their Organic lager cutting previous shipping strains from Europe and recently deployed a heat recovery system in their brewhouse which heats up to 15,000 litres of water per day with no additional energy usage and a also use a Freeair walk-in fridge that utilizes external cold air.

Beau’s utilizes 100% recycled materials in their brochures, coasters, labels and packaging. Recently, Beau’s implemented a new lighting system in the brewery saving 63,678 kWh annually. They will participate in an energy audit by Guelph’s Food Technology Centre’s sustainability division this summer.

Earth Day is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection observed on April 22 each year.


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