Posted February 23, 2015

Ontario Craft Brewers talk industry jobs and growth

Toronto, ON – The Ontario Craft Brewers issued a news release on February 20, 2015 pertaining to industry jobs and growth:


Have you met your local Ontario craft brewer? Allow us to introduce you to the proud industry making fresh, delicious, locally-produced craft beer and creating jobs in the province. There are currently over 100 craft breweries in Ontario employing over 1,000 people in direct brewery jobs across the province. This represents over 30 per cent of the direct brewery jobs in Ontario.

“Ontario’s craft brewing industry has great potential for growth,” says Darren Smith, president of Lake of Bays Brewing Co. and vice-chair of Ontario Craft Brewers. “Only four per cent of beer sold in Ontario in 2013 was craft beer. Based on other jurisdictions in North America, that share could easily be two to three times greater.”

Significantly improved retail access and competition will enable Ontario Craft Brewers to reach their full growth potential, creating local jobs, and improving retail access for Ontario consumers.

“When a craft brewery opens in a community, particularly outside of a major urban area, it becomes an anchor business for that community and a catalyst for growth,” says Steve Beauchesne, co-founder of Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. and vice-chair of Ontario Craft Brewers. “Breweries attract new development in associated sectors such as agriculture, tourism and culinary arts. We are stimulating fun, creativity and growth in Ontario towns and cities.”

Craft breweries are bringing new life and energy to Ontario towns and cities. They move into the community and build leading edge new facilities or renovate and refurbish historic, old buildings. They have become an important employer in the community, hiring local talent and contracting local suppliers such as electricians, plumbers and contractors from their communities. This helps stimulate the economy as these professionals, in turn, spend money and pay income taxes in their own communities.

Craft brewers also use local ingredients such as barley, hops, spices and fruit whenever possible. They support local culinary talent, partnering with chefs and restaurants to create recipes, tasting menus and events. They are excellent tourism generators, attracting people from all over to tour their breweries and sample their beer in charming tasting rooms. They host festivals that draw visitors to a region.

“Craft brewers have provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorship to local events,” says Smith. “We add investment, excitement and delicious beer to local occasions.”

“Not only are Ontario Craft Breweries making great beer, we’re making Ontario great,” says Beauchesne. “There has never been a better time to be a beer drinker in this province.”



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