Posted October 15, 2014

Ontario’s first mobile beer canning service launches

Toronto, ON – Ontario’s first mobile brewery canning service – Sessions Craft Canning – is gearing up to launch this November 2014.

It is part of sixteen-member Denver, CO based mobile canning network, and the second to start in Canada next to West Coast Canning in British Columbia.

Breweries in the US have been latching on to mobile canning services because of economic advantages. Substantial, upfront costs of canning lines are challenges for new brewers. Cans are quickly gaining popularity over bottles to due to mobility, superior UV light protection, and better seals. Canada is poised to follow suit.

“We will deliver the canning process, machinery, operational labour, and all the measures essential to maintaining fast, reliable production canning so that our customers can focus on making a great quality product” says managing partner Jeff Rogowsky.

They will be able to process up to 60 hectolitres per day with a fill speed of 35-45 cans per minute. The system, custom-built to be mobile, has a quad fill, two tower canning system from Wild Goose Canning.

Sessions Craft Canning will launch officially this week at the Ontario Craft Brewers Conference and Suppliers Marketplace on Thursday October 16, 2014 in Toronto.


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