Posted August 1, 2017

Persian Empire launches Coconut Rum and Barrel-aged Coffee Liquor at LCBO

Peterborough – Persian Empire Distillery has launched two new liquors at the LCBO – a Coconut Rum and Barrel-aged Turkish Coffee Liquor.

Persian Empire’s Coconut Rum liquor  (19%; $22.95) is produced using coconut water from coconuts cracked at the Peterborough distillery. The Barrel-aged Turkish Coffee Liqueur (22.5%; $28.95) is aged in oak barrels.

“The barrel aging was a happy accident, as after making a large batch of our coffee liqueur one day, the production team discovered that there were no plastic totes to store it in,” explains Persian Empire “We had some barrels that weren’t being used, so the decision was made to temporarily store it in them until a proper tote was available. Months later the coffee liqueur was discovered in the barrels. Upon tasting it, the decision was quickly made to start aging this product on purpose.”

Both products are available on shelves now in select GTA and eastern Ontario LCBO stores.

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