Posted July 4, 2013

Potatoes at heart of new Ramblin’ Road ale

ramblin-dakota-pearl-potatoRamblin’ Road Brewery Farm of La Salette has a potato-based beer in the works.

The Norfolk County brewery also produces potato chips, such as its Extreme Kettle Chips, which use Dakota Pearl potatoes, a smooth, bright potato with a likeness to a shimmering pearl.


Extreme Potato Chips

“We chose this potato with chip making in mind because it comes out of the fryer sturdy, light, and crispy”, says Ramblin’ Road’s John Picard.

Picard continues, “It was a few months ago when we said ‘hey, let’s create a unique beer, one that we can use to wash the sliced potatoes prior to cooking our Kettle Chips. That’ll give us a really great snack chip and hopefully create a fantastic new beer, something very special to Ramblin’ Road.’ All that potato goodness was returned to the brew line where we innovated a process to start the fermenting process again only this time with potato sugars. The smoothness and finished flavours were excellent.”

Dakota Pearl Potato Ale is available now through the brewery’s retail store.


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