Posted August 27, 2012

Q & A with Liberty Village Brewing Co.

We reached out to fledgling brewery start-up Liberty Village Brewing Company for dig out a few details about their roots, development, and future plans.

Who is involved in Liberty Village Brewing Company, and what prompted the business development?

We are Steve, Kosta, Eric, and Casandra – 4 brewers, passionate most about developing a variety of quality craft beers.

What we’re focused on is who will become involved in the Liberty Village Brewing Company, and that is the Liberty Village community itself. There are beer enthusiasts in the Village who are excited about this project, so we are laying the groundwork for anybody to become involved. We want to engage the community on every level of this business from continuing product development, to ownership and marketing.

Can you give us any details regarding your Liberty Village Brewery brand? What type of image or presence are you aiming to achieve?

The Liberty Village brand is really about bringing a community together through quality craft beer. As a brand and as individuals, we want to be very involved with the Liberty Village community, and of course, we want the community to be involved with us. Beyond that, we want everyone to enjoy great beer.

 When do you plan to officially launch your brewery and/or beers?

Right now, we are in a discovery phase, experimenting and deciding which brews we will start with. We plan to have our first official tasting session this Fall with the Liberty Village and Toronto beer-loving communities. After we’ve got some feedback, we plan to launch our first beers in 2013.

What do you have planned for you initial styles of beer? I’ve noticed you’ve been working on an IPA based on the Citra hop.

We have been working on an IPA and and APA based on the Citra hop. Outside the Citra range we have a Porter fermenting and plans for an Imperial Amber.  Right now the sky is the limit.

We will get feedback and suggestions from our Fall tasting sessions to help us narrow down our initial selections. In an ideal world, we will start by offering two styles plus a seasonal third to get creative with.

 Are there plans to open a dedicated brewery, or will you be contracting out?

Our goal is to run our own dedicated brewery in Liberty Village. We want to be in the community, brewing, selling our beer, and giving people the opportunity to sample. That said, we are looking to start selling beer as soon as we have a solid product, so we be contracting out in the short term.

What is your aim for distribution? Retail store? LCBO? Bottles? Growlers? Kegs?

We would like to start distribution with local restaurants and bars in Liberty Village. In the longer term we will include other establishments outside of Liberty Village, the LCBO, and definitely a retail store once we’ve got a dedicated brewery. As for how we’ll be transporting the beer? We’ll start with kegs and move on to all of the above!

Anything else you’d like to let us know?

Yes. If you’d like to get the lastest information on the Liberty Village Brewing Company, and the first invitations to our Fall tastings, please sign up on our email list at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



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