Posted April 5, 2018

Radical Road tests hop extraction technology in latest beer

Toronto – Radical Road Brewing Co. is the first in Canada to release a beer – Hi-Fi Cavitation Lactose IPA – brewed using hop extraction technology with Hydro Dynamics’ ShockWave Xtractor.

Doug Mancosky of US-based Hydro Dynamics explains, “our device is a rotor-stator device that is similar in look and feel to a pump, but with a highly specialized rotor that produces controlled cavitation. We use the pressure fluctuations of cavitation (similar to ultrasound) to extract more of the flavor from hops or other flavor sources like fruit or spices.”

ShockWave Xtractor (Image: Doug Mancosky)

“After regular dry hopping there’s still a ton of flavor left in hops that normally goes wasted. The cavitation action is like putting a plunger on the hop solids pushing beer deep inside and pulling out oil and other flavor. We typically are able to reduce hops 30-50% and deliver the same flavor,” he continues.

They claim this also applies to the extraction of fruits, spices, woodchips, coffee, and other flavours when used in brewing.

A few breweries in the US have tried out the ShockWave Xtractor including Anchor Brewing with blackberry IPA and mango wheat, and Witch’s Hat with four IPAs.

Hi-Fi Cavitation Lactose IPA can be tried on draught now at Radical Road Brewing.


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