Posted June 7, 2017

Rainhard Brewing announces 2017 expansion details

Toronto – Rainhard Brewing Co. is expanding its square footage and brewhouse and production capacity, the brewery announced today.

A new 15 bbl (17.6 hectolitre) brewhouse, multiple 30 bbl (35 hectolitre) fermenters, and two Italian-made 15 bbl (17.6 hectolitre) oak foeders are on order for Rainhard Brewing, which is also taking over an a second connected unit at 100 Symes Road. A 7 bbl brewhouse is currently in use.

“We’ve been pressed right up against our capacity for a long time – generally we keg on Thursday mornings and ship all those kegs out to licensees in the afternoon, except the few we keep for our taproom – and this summer will be no different. But once we have our new brewhouse up and running in the fall, we’ll be able to take some of the pressure off and bring a few more LCBOs and licensees on board,” stated the brewery.

This wall will be removed during expansion (Photo: Rainhard Brewing Co.)

Additionally, Rainhard Brewing says it is currently developing and testing a new dual-strain house yeast that the brewery says will yield more flavor and aroma.

The expansion is set to begin in August 2017.


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