Posted May 24, 2017

Reinhart Foods launches Red Apple Light Cider

Stayner – Reinhart Foods – a producer of baking products, vinegar, pie fillings, dried fruits and more – today introduced its first entry into Ontario’s cider market with its Reinhart’s Red Apple Light Cider.

The low-ABV cider, measuring at 3.8%, is made in Stayner using Ontario apples rated at medium-sweet. Apple varietals were not specified.

“Reinhart’s Light Cider meets the two-pronged desire for a light beverage and a ‘natural and clean’ ingredient list,” says Scott Singer, General Manager, and third-generation family member of Reinhart Foods. “With the help from our team of specialists at Niagara College, we worked very hard to perfect the taste of pure apples in this cider. We believe that its crisp flavour and pure ingredients, coupled with its small-town care, will be what draws consumers.”

Reinhart’s Red Apple Light Cider is available now in 473ml cans for $3.20 each at the LCBO and select grocery stores across Ontario.

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