Posted March 1, 2016

Revel Cider and Clifford Brewing to release Apfel-Märzen hybrid

Guelph/Hamilton – Revel Cider Co. and Clifford Brewing Co. have announced the upcoming release of its collaborative Apfel-Märzen beer-cider hybrid.

Their concept takes the grain bill of a traditional German-style Märzen and mashes it into a base of cider instead of water during the brewing process.

“We’ve  hopped it with Perle grown by Clear Valley Hops. Perle was our hop choice since it’s traditionally a German hop varietal and we thought it would fit the style,” says Tariq Ahmed, founder of Revel CIder.

Ten kegs of Apfel-Märzen will be released this month for Revel Cider’s 1-year anniversary celebrationRevelations.

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