Posted February 27, 2013

Schoenwetter Brewing launch homebrewing workshops in Toronto

The craft beer surge in Ontario has naturally fueled the popularity of homebrewing, an activity award-winning homebrewer, Zack Weinberg, has harnessed with his highly successful Web store, Toronto Brewing, which sells both high-end and beginner brewing equipment.

The surge was also recognized by homebrewers, Andrew Byer and Tina Schoenwetter, who together have created Schoenwetter Brewing to facilitate brewing workshops for anyone interested in learning the craft.

Byer and Schoenwetter have been brewing together since April 2012 and already have 50 batches under their belt. Both are BJCP-certified judges and will be involved in judging the Ontario and Canadian Brewing Awards this year. The pair took home two medals at the 2012 Canadian Amateur Brewing Association’s brewing contest.

“Our target clientele are people who are looking to get into all-grain brewing, but who are either intimidated by the process, don’t have the time to research it, don’t know if it’s really for them, or don’t know what gear is right for them.  We have just about all the beer gear available so we can show them just about anything they want”, says Byer.

Their plan is to design 5-hour workshops for groups of up to 4 people at their Toronto home to based around brewing technique, mashing, sparging, water treatments, yeast, fermentation and recipe design.

Commercial brewing of German-style beers are also being explored by Byer and Schoenwetter for the future.

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