Posted April 29, 2016

Shacklands Brewing to open Toronto brewery in August

Toronto – Shacklands Brewing Co. today announced its transition from being a contract brewer to opening a full-fledged brewery in Toronto’s west end.

Shacklands Brewing, founded by Jason Tremblay, began contract brewing in late 2012.

Its new location – currently under construction at 100 Symes Rd Unit 101 – is in the same building as Rainhard Brewing Co., which opened in 2015.

Shackland’s David Watts explained the brewery will focus primarily on Belgian Ales, Saisons, Farmhouse Ales, funks and sours.

“The Shacklands” was a name used to describe the suburbs surrounding the old city of Toronto a century ago, with homes built by immigrant workers for their families. Originally, the fathers and husbands would build temporary shacks in a corner of the property then build permanent homes in the middle on weekends and holidays. The shacks would be then be torn down with the families moving into their new homes.

The opening is targeted for August 2016.


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