Posted April 25, 2018

Stalwart Brewing redesigns label for beer pulled from LCBO

Ottawa – Stalwart Brewing Co. previewed the new label and name for their flagship IPA this week – which was approved and abruptly removed by the LCBO in January 2018.

(Stalwart Brewing / Instagram)

Snake Oil IPA will replace the former Dr. Feelgood IPA at the LCBO – the original label artwork incorporated the Rod of Aesculapius and “Rx” on the label.

“Rooted in a concern for public safety, the LCBO has interpreted our beer to be labeled as medicine, which is prohibited by provincial legislation. The reference to the Rod of Aesculapius from Greek mythology and the intersection of the letters R and X (a shorthand for “to take” in Latin) are their points of concern,” wrote Stalwart Brewing in January.

The new label design has been submitted for LCBO approval.

If approved, the Snake Oil IPA name would be used at the LCBO only, with Dr. Feelgood IPA branding remaining in place at the brewery and bars.


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