Posted April 5, 2016

Steam Whistle’s Brewmaster departing after decade

Toronto – Steam Whistle Brewery has announced its Brewmaster, Marek Mikunda, will leave the brewery after a decade at the helm, having joined in 2006.

“Over the next few months, Marek will assist us in finding his successor, someone with equal pedigree having been trained in the European Pilsner brewing tradition,” said Steam Whistle. “Marek will be welcomed back periodically as a trusted advisor, always part of the Steam Whistle story and forever a Good Beer Folk.”

Mikunda, now returning to his home country of Czech Republic with his family, posted, “I dedicated myself to craft brewing and making Pilsner in my new country, Canada.  I believe that together we achieved the point when what we have done here cannot be reproduced anywhere else, because of the outstanding combination of you – Good Beer Folks, technology and extraordinary passion”

Steam Whistle’s Communications Director, Sybil Taylor, says of its brewing heritage, “That title [founding Brewmaster] was held by Harald Sowade who designed our original recipe when he joined our brewery, then still an idea without a building back in the fall of 1999.”

“Harald did several test brews before we picked the recipe which was first packaging on March 22nd, 2000. Harold retired in the fall of 2003 and handed the reins/recipe over to Matt Letki who was with us for about about 2.5 years before handing over to Marek in the spring of 2006. Each of our three Brewmasters have been trained in Europe at renowned brewing universities and we intend that our fourth brewmaster will carry on the same traditions and legacy here.

Our original story incorrectly identified Marek Mikunda as Steam Whistle’s founding Brewmaster. We sincerely regret the error.


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