Posted August 4, 2018

Stone House 1981 on Pelee Island launches beer

Pelee Island – Craft beer bar and restaurant Stone House 1981 located on Pelee Island has launched their first house branded beer – Honey Cream Ale (5% abv).

(Stone House 1891)

Although the beer is not presently brewed on site, a nanobrewery addition is planned for the future.

Stone House 1891’s Honey Cream Ale is brewed using honey culivated on the island.

Of the location built in 1891, the description says, “After being a home to many Islanders over the ensuing years, the Stone House saw life in the 20s and 30s as the Island’s liquor store. It was during these U.S. prohibition years when it was rumoured to have been frequented by members of Al Capone’s infamous Purple Gang who used the southern tip of Pelee Island as a launching point for late-night runs under the cover of darkness to the nearby U.S. islands of Kelly’s, South Bass and Middle Bass.

The bar is owned by Tyrone Crawford, the defensive line captain of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, who grew up in Windsor and Pelee Island.

A second beer release is planned for August.


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