Posted February 19, 2016

Tawse Winery enters cider field with Sparkling Cider

Vineland – Tawse Winery has entered Ontario’s growing cider market with its new Sparkling Cider, produced from a blend of locally-grown McIntosh, Empire, Northern Spy, Red Delicious and Gala apples, according to Good Food Revolution.

Cold winters in 2014 and 2015 resulted in the loss of 40% of Tawse Winery’s grape crop. Winemaker Paul Pender decided on a cider to fill the gap.

“Pender really wanted to stay true to the flavor found in a freshly picked apple and made a cider that is quite dry, delicate, fruity and super refreshing,” says Good Food Revolution. Tawse is also in the process of producing a cherry cider.

Tawse’s Sparkling Cider is rolling out in draught format currently in Ontario.

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