Posted March 19, 2013

Toronto Beer Week announces 2013 Homebrew Competition

TBW-LOGOToronto Beer Week today announced details for their 2013 edition Homebrew Competition, with two new categories. The full contest details are below:

  1. Registration will open on Wednesday May 1st, 2013 and the deadline to ship/drop-off your entries will be Saturday June 1st, 2013 by 6pm.  Shipping/drop-off location is to be confirmed shortly.
  2. Fee will be $5 per entry and you can enter up to ten (10) beers.
  3. Three (3) standard 12oz bottles will be required for each entry. No other sizes will be accepted this year.
  4. Contest judging sessions will take place in in June. First round judging sessions will be led by BJCP certified judges and judging will be based on the BJCP.  Some categories may be grouped for judging purposes, where the number of entries warrant.  We want to provide more standardized feedback to the entrants using the BJCP forms.  Judging forms will be scanned and emailed to the entrants.
  5. For fun this year, we have added two special categories: 1) Alcohol Challenged – session beers under 4% and 2) Conflicted Entrants – we don’t want to exclude any homebrewers who happen to be affiliated with TBW, employed by a brewery or an establishment that participates in TBW. This will be a feedback only category and no prizes will be awarded.


Results from last year are available here.

Toronto Beer Week is an annual 9-day celebration of beer in Toronto, ON.

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