Toronto Brewers Directory

A complete directory and listing of independent craft breweries in Toronto, Ontario.

Amsterdam Barrel HouseAmsterdam Barrel HouseTorontoY-Y-Y-2017
Amsterdam BreweryAmsterdam BreweryToronto-YYY-Y1986
Amsterdam BrewHouseAmsterdam BrewHouseTorontoYYYYY-2013
Aviary Brewpub, TheAviary Brewpub, TheTorontoY-Y---2018
Bandit BreweryBandit BreweryTorontoYYY-Y-2016
Bar Hop BrewCoBar Hop BrewCoTorontoY-Y-Y-2017
Bellwoods Brewery - HafisBellwoods Brewery - HafisToronto-YY---2016
Bellwoods Brewery - OssingtonBellwoods Brewery - OssingtonTorontoYYY-Y-2012
Big Rock BreweryBig Rock BreweryToronto-YYY--2016
Black Creek Pioneer Village BreweryBlack Creek Pioneer Village BreweryToronto-YYY--2009
Black Lab BrewingBlack Lab BrewingToronto-YY---2018
Black Oak Brewing Co.Black Oak Brewing Co.Toronto-YY--Y1999
Blood Brothers Brewing Co.Blood Brothers Brewing Co.Toronto-YY-YY2015
Brunswick BierworksBrunswick BierworksToronto-YY---2016
Burdock BreweryBurdock BreweryTorontoYYY-YY2015
Common Good Beer Co.Common Good Beer Co.Toronto-YYY--2016
Cool Beer Brewing Co.Cool Beer Brewing Co.Toronto-YY--Y1997
Duggan's BreweryDuggan's BreweryTorontoYYYY--2009
Eastbound Brewing Co.Eastbound Brewing Co.TorontoYYY---2017
Folly BrewingFolly BrewingTorontoYYY---2015
Gin MillGin MillToronto------2018
Godspeed BreweryGodspeed BreweryTorontoYYY-Y-2017
Granite Brewery & Tied House, TheGranite Brewery & Tied House, TheTorontoYYYYY-1991
Great Lakes BreweryGreat Lakes BreweryTorontoYYYYY-1987
Halo BreweryHalo BreweryToronto-YYY--2016
Henderson Brewing Co.Henderson Brewing Co.Toronto-YYY--2015
Indie Alehouse Brewing Co.Indie Alehouse Brewing Co.TorontoYYYY-Y2012
Junction Craft BrewingJunction Craft BrewingToronto-YYYY-2011
Kensington Brewing Co.Kensington Brewing Co.Toronto-YY---2017
Laylow BreweryLaylow BreweryTorontoY-Y---2016
Left Field BreweryLeft Field BreweryToronto-YY--Y2013
Liberty Commons at Big Rock BreweryLiberty Commons at Big Rock BreweryTorontoYYYY--2016
Lot 30 BrewersLot 30 BrewersTorontoYYY-Y-2018
Louis Cifer Brew WorksLouis Cifer Brew WorksTorontoYYYY--2014
Muddy York Brewing Co.Muddy York Brewing Co.Toronto-YYY--2015
Northern Maverick Brewing Co.Northern Maverick Brewing Co.TorontoYYY---2017
People's Pint Brewing Co.People's Pint Brewing Co.Toronto-YY-YY2018
Radical Road Brewing Co.Radical Road Brewing Co.TorontoYYY--2013
Rainhard Brewing Co.Rainhard Brewing Co.Toronto-YYYYY2015
Rorschach Brewing Co.Rorschach Brewing Co.TorontoYYYYYY2017
Saulter Street BrewerySaulter Street BreweryToronto-YYY--2017
Shacklands Brewing Co.Shacklands Brewing Co.Toronto-YY---2013
Six Brewing Co., TheSix Brewing Co., TheTorontoYYY-Y-2018
Steam Whistle BrewerySteam Whistle BreweryToronto-YYYY-2000
Von Bugle BrewingVon Bugle BrewingToronto-YYY--2018
For a full list of breweries in Ontario - visit the Ontario Brewers Directory.
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