Posted January 27, 2016

Toronto Brewing Co. opens downtown hombrew boutique shop

Toronto – Toronto Brewing Co. today opened its new boutique-style homebrewing shop is now open at 1567 Dundas St W near Dufferin St in Toronto.

The new location, a tangent of the homebrewing supplier’s much larger North Toronto space, is the repurposed space of shuttered homebrewing shop Noble Hop which occupied the space in 2014-2015.

Although the selection will initially be smaller, Toronto Brewing 2.0 is already stocking essential grains, hops, yeast, brewing kits and more in their nearly 900 sq-ft space.

Owner Zack Weinberg says they plan to eventually stock all the same product as his Chesswood Dr flagship store, which he says will position them to have the greatest selection of homebrewing goods in the downtown Toronto area.

Hours are 11am-6pm from Tuesday to Saturday.

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