Posted October 2, 2016

Toronto Distillery introduces First Barrels Straight Canadian Whisky


(Toronto Distillery Co.)

Toronto – Toronto Distillery Co. has announced its upcoming special edition First Barrels Straight Canadian Whisky (42%) –  produced with local organic rye, organic wheat, and organic corn.

“Approximately three-quarters of First Barrels was aged in Canadian Oak barrels between 90 and 110L in size, from Carriage House Cooperage and Canada Oak barrels. The remaining quarter was aged in American Oak barrels. Each barrel was filled with a single-grain whisky: either rye, wheat, or corn,” notes the distillery.  Aging occurred between 2 and 26 months in all new-char barrels.

Explaining the term ‘straight’, the distillery explains “In the United States, if you see the word “Straight” before a whisky, you have a guarantee that 100% of the contents of your bottle of whisky was distilled at a proof low enough to capture the essence of the grain, and that zero artificial flavours or colours were used, nor any glycerin, a common additive to mask harsh liquor”

First Barrels will be released Saturday October 15, 2016 in a limited 1,452 bottle run – it can be preordered now for $49.95 in 750ml bottles only through Toronto Distillery.

Read the whisky’s full story here.


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