Posted December 1, 2015

Tradmark dispute forces Underdog’s Brewhouse name change

Oshawa, ON – Underdog’s Brewhouse will now be known as All or Nothing Brewhouse, due to a trademark dispute the brewery today announced.

“During the company’s first year of business, a fellow craft brewery served a Statement of Claim, alleging that the name ‘Underdog’ violated a trademark that brewery had been using for a few years,” explains the brewer “It should be noted that prior to establishing the company, all necessary steps for ensuring that no Underdog trademark was already registered were conducted.”

Co-founder Eric Dornan said “We got into the brewing business because it’s something we believe in one hundred percent, something we can put our entire focus into.We want to create a new brand identity that reflects those values, and All or Nothing is the perfect way to do that. We don’t need to fight over who gets to call themselves the Underdog.”

The brewer, currently brewing its flagship Hopfenweisse on contract, launched in 2014.


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