Posted March 20, 2013

Walkerville announces new English-style Pale Ale

walkerville-growlerWalkerville Brewery of Windsor, ON has revealed its new Pale Ale, described as leaning more towards an English pale ale than American style.

At 4.4% ABV and 30 IBUs, Walkerville’s Pale Ale is brewed using English Maris Otter barley and UK First Fold and pitched with an American ale yeast.

“A pleasant maltiness upfront hits the palate paving the way for a flavorful hop bitterness that lingers on the back of the tongue. This slightly understated pale ale allows the drinker to taste malt and hops, without overpowering either one. A well-balanced, easy drinking way to kick off spring! “, says Walkerville.

The Pale Ale is available now at the brewery.


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