Posted June 10, 2013

Waterloo Brewing announces Summer Small Batch Brews pack

BRICK BREWING CO. LIMITED - Summer Small Batch BrewsWaterloo Brewing Co., the craft brewing division of Brick Brewing Co., today unveiled the second in their line of seasonal craft beer mix packs, Summer Small Batch Brews featuring two each of Waterloo’s Pilsner and IPA and launching Jack Pine Belgian Ale, a Saison.

Jack Pine offers floral and citrus notes at 4.2% ABV paying tribute to Northern Ontario’s evergreen forests through its recipe and labeling, says Waterloo.

“We crafted a recipe to accompany people as they enjoy Ontario’s decks, docks and great outdoors this summer. People will appreciate the spicy fruitiness and refreshingly light and dry finish that keeps this craft beer true to its traditional Belgian ale roots”, said Nick Relph, Brick’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

Waterloo’s Summer Small Batch Brews are available for a limited time this summer at select LCBO and Beer Store locations across Ontario in 6x473mL packs for $13.50.

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