Posted September 20, 2016

Wayne Gretzky launches No. 99 Red Cask Canadian Whisky

Niagara-on-the-Lake – Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery & Distillery today announced the launch of No. 99 ‘Red Cask’ Canadian Whisky made with rye, malted rye and corn and finished in red wine casks from the Gretzky winery.

The new distillery, opening in Spring 2017, is headed by Master Distiller Joshua Beach who holds a MSc in Brewing and Distilling from Heriot Watt in Scotland with experience in Europe and Vancouver.

“I have always enjoyed a good whisky and was thrilled to work with Master Distiller Joshua Beach to create a new fabulous Canadian whisky,” said Wayne Gretzky. “What’s truly exciting is we are using oak wine barrels from our red wines to finish the whisky for a really smooth and refined taste.”

It will be available around October 3 at the LCBO in 750ml bottles for $34.95 each, and also at liquor stores in Alberta and Manitoba.


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