Posted April 4, 2014

Winners announced for Ontario Brewing Awards 2014

ontario-brewing-awardsToronto, ON – Winners in the 2014 Ontario Brewing Awards were announced last evening, Thursday, April 3 2014, at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto over 31 categories with entries from 45 Ontario breweries.

North American Light Lager
Gold: Laker Light
Silver: F&m Stone Hammer Light
Bronze: Flying Monkey’s Anti-gravity Light

North American Lager
Gold: Hogsback Vintage Lager
Silver: Top Shelf Classic Lager
Bronze: Amsterdam Natural Blonde

Gold: Waterloo Pilsner
Silver: Rickard’s Blonde
Bronze: King Pilsner

Amber Lager
Gold: Hopcity Barking Squirrel Lager
Silver: Great Lakes Red Leaf Lager
Bronze: King Vienna Lager

Dark Lager
Gold: Side Launch Dark Lager
Silver: Waterloo Dark
Bronze: King Dark

Gold: King Bock
Silver: Cameron’s Deviator Doppelbock
Bronze: Mill St. Weizenbock

Honey / Maple Beer
Gold: F&m Stone Hammer Maple Red
Silver: Mill St. Royal York Stinger
Bronze: Bayside Honey Maple

Gold: Big Rig Hefe
Silver: Denison’s Weissbier
Bronze: Magnotta True North Wunder Weisse

Belgian Witbier
Gold: Mill St. Belgian Wit
Silver: Amsterdam Boxer
Bronze: Rickard’s White

Flavoured Wheat Beer
Gold: Amsterdam Klb Raspberry Wheat
Silver: Clocktower Raspberry Wheat
Bronze: Beyond The Pale Pink Fuzz

Farmhouse Ales
Gold: Stack Portes De L’enfers
Silver: Big Rig Saison
Bronze: Big Rig Belgian Blond

Lagered Ales
Gold: Publican House Ale
Silver: Clocktower Kölsch
Bronze: Big Rig Gold

British Pale / Bitter
Gold: Muskoka Cream Ale
Silver: Black Oak Pale Ale
Bronze: Highlander Scottish Ale

American Pale Ale
Gold: Great Lakes Johnny Simcoe
Silver: Collective Arts Rhyme & Reason
Bronze: Great Lakes Crazy Canuck

British IPA
Gold: Mill St. IPA
Silver: Kensington Baldwin Fisheye-pa
Bronze: Waterloo Ipa

West Coast IPA
Gold: Cameron’s RPA
Silver: Muskoka Twice As Mad Tom
Bronze: Beyond The Pale Imperial Super Guy

Dark Ipa
Gold: Big Rig Black Ipa
Silver: Flying Monkeys Netherworld
Bronze: Wellington Terrestrial India Brown Ale

Amber Ale
Gold: Kilannan New Zealand Red
Silver: Clocktower Red
Bronze: Sawdust City Ol’ Woody Alt

Dark Ale
Gold: Magnotta True North Copper Altbier
Silver: F&m Stone Hammer Dark
Bronze: Amsterdam Downtown Brown

Gold: Nickel Brook Maple Porter
Silver: Highlander Blacksmith Smoked Porter
Bronze: Beer Academy Porter

Gold: F&m Stone Hammer Coffee Stout
Silver: Sawdust City Skinny Dipping Stout
Bronze: Big Rig Stout

Fruit Beer
Gold: Amsterdam Framboise
Silver: Mill St. Frambozen
Bronze: Turtle Island SMaSH Cherry Pale Ale

Vegetable Beer
Gold: Grand River Highballer Pumpkin
Silver: The Ship’s Rations
Bronze: Big Rig Pumpkin

Flavoured Beer
Gold: Amsterdam Full City Double Tempest
Silver: Sawdust City Red Rocket Cinnamon Vanilla Cayenne Coffee Stout
Bronze: Big Rig Triple Chocolate Cherry Stout

Strong Beer
Gold: Descendants Prologue Belgian Blonde
Silver: Sawdust City Princess Wears Girlpants
Bronze: Amsterdam Vicar’s Vice

Gluten Free
Gold: Nickel Brook Gluten Free

Barrel Aged Whisky
Gold: Amsterdam Double Tempest
Silver: Wellington Frost Quake Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine
Bronze: Cameron’s Bourbon Barrel Deviator Doppelbock

Barrel Aged Wine
Gold: Amsterdam Rye Peppercorn Saison
Silver Sawdust City ODB
Bronze: Great Lakes Gary

Imperial Stout/Baltic Porter
Gold: Muskoka Brewery Winter Beard
Silver: Big Rig Imperial Stout
Wellington Russian Imperial Stout

Newcomer Of The Year
The Publican House Brewery

Beer Of The Year
Muskoka Cream Ale

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