Posted September 14, 2018

Winners announced for Ontario Brewing Awards 2018

Toronto – Winners of the 15th annual Ontario Brewing Awards were announced Thursday, September 13, 2018 at The Berkeley Church in Toronto, in conjunction with the Golden Tap Awards.

The 2018 Ontario Brewing Awards winners are as follows:

Bronze: 3 Speed – Amsterdam Brewing Co
Silver: Light – Ace Hill Beer
Gold: Grass Roots Lager – Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.

Standard Lager
Bronze: Old Flame Blonde – Old Flame Brewing Co
Silver: Beach One Cerveza – Wasaga Beach Brewing Company
Gold: Cool Beer Lager – Cool Beer Brewery

Craft Lager
Bronze: Vintage Lager – HogsBack Brewing
Silver: Paradise Lager – The Grove Brew House
Gold: Helles Lager – Wellington Brewery

German Pils
Bronze: East Hamilton Lager – Clifford Brewing Co.
Silver: LagerShed Original – Shawn & Ed Brewing Company
Gold: #LagerDave Pils – Wellington Brewery

Bohemian Pilsener
Bronze: Pembroke Pils – Square Timber Brewing Company
Silver: Pilsner Elora – Elora Brewing Company
Gold: Brock Street Bohemian Pilsner – Brock Street Brewing Company

Amber Lager
Bronze: Old Flame Red – Old Flame Brewing Co
Silver: Amber Lager – Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.
Gold: Mad Quacker – Lake Wilcox Brewing Co.

Oktoberfest /Märzen
Bronze: 1933 Marzen – The Grove Brew House
Silver: Loose Lips Lager – Longslice Brewery
Gold: Oktoberfest – Royal City Brewing Co.

Dark Lager
Bronze: Spring – Anderson Craft Ales
Silver: Bonfire Black Lager – Perth Brewery
Gold: Black Forest Dark Lager – Camerons Brewing Co

Bronze: Fest – Henderson Brewing Co.
Silver: No. 13 Bock – COMMON GOOD BEER

Silver: Escalator – Royal City Brewing Co.
Gold: Deviator Doppelbock – Camerons Brewing Co

Bronze: Vimy Wheat Beer – Vimy Brewing Company
Silver: Haberdasher Hefeweizen – Muddy York Brewing Co.
Gold: Northern Maverick Hefeweizen – Northern Maverick Brewing Co.

Bronze: Belgian Wit – Riverhead Brewing Co.
Silver: Waterfront Wit – Walkerville Brewery
Gold: Spotted Cow – Amsterdam Brewing Co

Herb/Spice Beer
Bronze: Brock Street Hibiscus Belgian Wit – Brock Street Brewing Company
Silver: The Trews’ North Strong – Mash Paddle Brewing Co.
Gold: Hibiscus Saison – Royal City Brewing Co.

Farmhouse Blonde
Bronze: Patio Season – Northern Maverick Brewing Co.
Silver: Brett Saison – Flora Hall Brewing
Gold: Peppercorn Rye Saison – The Exchange Brewery

Farmhouse Dark
Bronze: Potre de L’Enfer – Stack Brewing
Silver: Stack’s Farmhouse Dark – Stack Brewing
Gold: Ladder to the Moon – Henderson Brewing Co.

Lagered Ale
Bronze: Reynard The Fox Golden Rye Ale – DESCENDANTS BEER & BEVERAGE CO
Silver: Brown Van Kolsch Style Ale – Brown Van Brewing Corp.
Gold: Vimy Cream Ale – Vimy Brewing Company

Blonde Ale
Bronze: Back Shop Brew – GL Heritage Brewing Company Inc.
Silver: Northern Logger – Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.
Gold: Bombshell – FRANK Brewing Co.

British Pale Ale
Bronze: English Ordinary Bitter – Flora Hall Brewing
Silver: Special Pale Ale – Wellington Brewery
Gold: BEER 101 BITTER – Niagara College Teaching Brewery

American Pale Ale
Bronze: Bangkok Crosswalk North East Pale Ae – Overflow Brewing Company
Silver: Naughty Neighbour American Pale Ale – Nickel Brook Brewing Co
Gold: Elora Borealis Citra Pale Ale – Elora Brewing Company

British India Pale Ale
Bronze: Hops & Robbers Extra Delicious IPA – Double Trouble
Silver: Geronimo IPA – Walkerville Brewery
Gold: Off the Leash Unfiltered IPA – High Park Brewery

American IPA
Bronze: Shaggin’ Wagon – Stray Dog Brewing Company
Silver: Wicked Awesome IPA – Nickel Brook Brewing Co
Gold: Hazed and Confused – Muskoka Brewery

Imperial IPA
Bronze: Scary Mary – Old Flame Brewing Co
Silver: Kodiak – Market Brewing Company
Gold: Immodest Imperial IPA – Nickel Brook Brewing Co

Dark IPA
Bronze: Magnotta Double Drooling Dog Black IPA – Magnotta Brewery
Silver: Dark & Sticky IBA – Magnotta Double Drooling Dog Black IPA
Gold: Super Dank Osborne – Chronicle Brewing Company

Amber Ale
Bronze: This One – Stray Dog Brewing Company
Silver: Dockside Red Ale – Bobcaygeon Brewing Co
Gold: Dockside Red Ale – Camerons Brewing Co

Bronze: Monday Night Piper – The Second Wedge Brewing Co.
Silver: North Country Kellerbier – Boshkung Brewing
Gold: Impact – Stack Brewing

English Brown Ale
Bronze: Brown – Anderson Craft Ales
Silver: Walk on the Mild Side – Covered Bridge Brewing
Gold: Hockley Dark Traditional English Ale – Hockley Beer

American Brown Ale
Bronze: Workhorse Brown Ale – The Grove Brew House
Silver: Henry’s Irish Ale – Publican House Brewery
Gold: No. 2 Brow Ale – COMMON GOOD BEER

Bronze: Muddy York Porter – Muddy York Brewing Co.
Silver: Clifford Porter – Clifford Brewing Co.
Gold: Rain Maker – The Second Wedge Brewing Co.

Bronze: Crooked Nose Stout – Camerons Brewing Co
Silver: Clubhouse Stout – The Grove Brew House
Gold: Stork Derby Stout – Muddy York Brewing Co.

Milk Stout
Bronze: Easy Stout – Walkerville Brewery
Silver: Brock Street Chocolate Milk Stout – Brock Street Brewing Company
Gold: Starry Night Chocolate Stout – Bobcaygeon Brewing Co

Imperial Stout
Bronze: Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout – Walkerville Brewery
Silver: Love & Happiness – Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.
Gold: Imperial Russian Stout – Wellington Brewery

Fruit Beer
Bronze: Cervisia Saison with Guava – Muddy York Brewing Co.
Silver: Bandwagon Raspberry Pale Ale – Shillow Beer Co.
Gold: Changeling – Little Beasts Brewing Company

Vegetable Beer
Bronze: Cool as Cuke – Muskoka Brewery
Silver: Cucumber-Lime Gose – Nickel Brook Brewing Co
Gold: Summer Slam – Stray Dog Brewing Company

Flavoured Porter
Gold: Pecan Pie Porter – Double Trouble

Flavoured Stout
Bronze: Matrionial Cake Stout – Square Timber Brewing Company
Silver: Shinnicked Stout -Muskoka Brewery
Gold: Awakening Shot – Lake Wilcox Brewing Co.

Barrel Aged Whisky
Bronze: Double Tempest – Amsterdam Brewing Co
Silver: Cafe Del Bastardo – Nickel Brook Brewing Co
Gold: UVB-76 Boris – Wellington Brewery

Barrel Aged Red Wine
Bronze: Grand Cru – The Exchange Brewery
Silver: Gravity Well – Halcyon Barrel House
Gold: Rational Energy – Amsterdam Brewing Co

Bronze: Campfire Rye – Boshkung Brewing
Silver: Bamberg Castle Smoked Ale – Camerons Brewing Co
Gold: Jail Fire Rauchbier – Muddy York Brewing Co.

Belgian Style Dubbel
Bronze: Dubbel – Royal City Brewing Co.
Silver: Dubbel – Lowertown Brewing
Gold: La saison d’hiver – Little Beasts Brewing Company

Belgian Style Tripel
Gold: Rube Goldbeer – Henderson Brewing Co.

Belgian Style IPA
Silver: Bob and Frank’s Not Your Mother’s Whit – Henderson Brewing Co.
Gold: Infinite Zest – Muddy York Brewing Co.

Scottish Ales
Bronze: Rob Roy Scotch Ale – Walkerville Brewery
Silver: BEER 101 STRONG – Niagara College Teaching Brewery
Gold: Beam Me Up – Grand River Brewing

Irish Ale
Silver: Vimy Red Ale – Vimy Brewing Company
Gold: Niagara Irish Ale – Niagara Brewing Company

Barley Wine
Gold: Yuletide Barley Wine – Wellington Brewery

Best Of Show
Best Of Show: Rational Energy – Amsterdam Brewing Co

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