Posted September 7, 2017

Winners announced for inaugural Toronto International Cider Awards

Toronto – The first annual Toronto International Cider Awards were handed out as part of the Toronto Cider Festival on August 26, 2017.

Awards competitors included the 28 participating cider vendors of which 80 ciders were judged by cider industry professionals.


Dry Cider 

1) Great Canadian Cider Company’s Nice & Dry Organic Cider
2) Lonetree Cider’s Authentic Dry Cider
3) Revel Cider’s Bitter Sweet Freedom 2016

Off Dry Semi Sweet Cider

1) Strongbow Gold Apple Cider
2) Reinhart’s Red Apple Light Cider
3) Brickworks Queen Street 501 Cider

Perry Cider 

1) County Cider Company’s County Pear
2) County Cider Company’s Tortured Path
3) Ironwood Cider Perrydise

Hopped Cider 

1) Sulker’s Cider Hopped Up Afternoon Funk
2) Duxbury Cider Company’s Tilted Barn
3) Spiri Tree Estates Dry Hopped Cider

Blended Cider Category

1) Strongbow’s Dark Fruit Apple Cider
2) Revel Cider’s Flanders Pear
3) Lonetree Cider’s Cranberry Apple

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