Posted September 7, 2018

Yongehurst Distillery launches Ontario’s first Apple Brandy

Toronto – Yongehurst Distillery will launch the province’s first Apple Brandy, in very limited quantity, beginning on Saturday September 8, 2018 at noon.

“Three years ago, when Yongehurst was just getting off the ground at our Geary/Westmoreland location, one of the first things we put into barrels was a batch of distilled apple cider that we made from scratch, by hand-picking all of the apples ourselves and turning it into what we know to be Ontario’s first Apple Brandy,” the distillery explains.

They add, “We cut, crushed and pressed the juice from every single one of those apple ourselves, then fermented the juice to dry, distilled it, and let the “eau de vie” spirit rest in a Canadian Oak barrel for three years.”

Pick it up at the Toronto distillery only.

For more details on their process, visit Yongehurst Distillery.


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