Posted September 11, 2017

Yongehurst to release highly limited Navy Strength Rum

Toronto – Yongehurst Distillery will release a very limited edition, Bourbon-barrel aged version of its Harbour Rum, rated at Navy Strength – 57% abv.

This rum is a blend of Yongehurst’s oldest barrels including new European toasted-oak casks and American ex-Bourbon casks.

Explains Yongehurst founders Rocco Panacci and John-Paul Sacco on Navy Strength: “As sailors in the Royal Navy were often paid in part with alcohol rations, in the absence of modern hydrometers it was important for them to test the strength of the alcohol on the spot to ensure they were not being swindled.”

“The strength at which the alcohol used in a paste, made of rum mixed with gunpowder, would ignite was considered proof that the alcohol was of adequate density. That ignition point as a percentage in alcohol by volume was 57%, or 100º UK proof,” they add.

The individually numbered and signed 750ml bottles will be sold only on Saturday, September 16, 2017 beginning at 11am at the Toronto distillery.


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