Posted October 27, 2017

Your 64: Edition of Gushing Blood

Your 64 – a weekly roundup of beer stories and news outside Ontario to inspire you for the 64 hours from Friday at 5pm to Monday at 9am – by Allegra Swanson.

As someone who’s a huge fan of the craft beer industry in Ontario, I have some beer education (shout out to Prud’homme L1!) and two paper certificates crowning me the beer mile champion (2016, 2017, nbd) but lack a role in the industry or how to properly explain the subtle terroir of the hops making up your IPA.

Here’s to the weekend; here’s to YOUR 64.

Stupid Beer Costumes You’ll See This Weekend

So what started innocently as a “let’s share a sweet pre-existing list of awesome beer-related Halloween costumes” turned quickly into “I hate the internet and misogynistic jerks” because if you decide you’re brave enough to click on the link above, you’ll see offensive/plain idiotic costume choices that you could wear for Halloween.

To give you hope, please enjoy this photo of me and my friend Sara last year at the Beer Run as Autumn “Saison” and a beer keg.


Smashed: 30,000 beer bottles spark German Highway Chaos

This happened on the freaking AUTOBAHN.

1,500 cases of beer thrown out of a truck likely moving 200+KM per hour.


Barrel-Aged Beer is About to Get Cheaper But Also Worse

While liquid hop extract is being added to IPAs, we now have some breweries like Innis & Gunn use a “barrel into beer method” which, as it turns out, is no longer using actual barrels. Now toasted wood chunks are being added to batches of beer to “barrel age.”

While this may have started with an actual barrel shortage, it’s now seeming like an easy way to save some cash. Discuss!

You’re Gonna Want to Wait in Line for this Goose Island Black Friday Stout

At first I was convinced that this was a rewrite of history America style but surprise! This proved to be true.

Take a read about these brews that are getting accolades across the country.


Wisconsin Man Gets Locked in Beer Cooler Overnight and Decides to Drink Instead of Letting Employees Know

“The manager told police the man had drank an 18-ounce bottle of beer and three cans of malt beverage, according to the report. He also had fallen over a stack of 30-can beer packs, breaking three of the cases open.”

Like, what more can you say other than… America.

Pumpkins as Kegs

Yeah… not really much to see here. Put beer in a pumpkin, tap pumpkin, drink soupy beer.

Look at this: c/o @draftmag

Make this: beer-infused butter chicken

Listen to this: New Touch– released today by Caveboy, one of the three amazing bands who just finished participating in the Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class program I manage (shoutout also to Ivory Hours and Quake Matthews!)

Cheers to Your 64: As I gear myself up to run the Inaugural FEAR MILE, I remind myself that tonight wont be the night I beat my record of 8:30 in the beer mile. I mean, hey – wearing a man’s Top Gun costume would slow anyone down. After than I’ll be heading to Ottawa to sample the region’s finest pumpkin beers. (You think I’m kidding. I’m not.) Enjoy your weekend, folks, and Happy Hallowe’en! Cheers!

Allegra Swanson t: @ayoungvoice  i: @ayoungvoice

Your 2016, 2017 Toronto Beer Mile Champion. Manager, Planning & Development at The JUNO Awards. All around runner, knitter, canlit reader + all things craft beer.


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